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New "Hi" blanket design!

It has been wonderfully busy around here, lots of blankies sold this week so knitting my heart out. I am loving it. The hot seller appears to be the Four Cross blanket. With both white and custom red crosses. Just sent two more off today. I hope the babies love them!!

I added my new Helvetica "Hi" design to the shop. Love this one, simple and bold. Fun to knit as well. Hmmm, what other words can I "write" on my blankets?
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  1. Super cute!! Love your bold style - any chance of be allowed to feature you on my site soon?

    Let me know - heidi@wool-rocks.com

  2. Thanks Ingrid and Heidi! (Heidi I emailed you)

  3. They are super cool! Howsabout "luv" or a big red heart? :)

  4. I love both luv and the big red heart! (the heart is already in the works) thanks!!!

  5. Love your work-
    Suggestion for a word
    that is what us parents are aiming for, is it not ???? Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing inspiration...

  6. Great idea!!!!!! I will try to create that pattern, thank you for the inspiration!!


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