Hat weather!


Sabrina wearing her new Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap and Annabel Babe cardigan at the park. Hooray! She kept her hat on almost the entire time! I can't believe she is already a toddler and actually running around the park on those little legs... :)


Melissa @ Miso Crafty Knits said...

Oh my goodness! Both the hat and the cardigan are so cute!! But I will admit, they are totally being out shined by Sabrina...I just want to squish that face, she's so adorable!!! <3

yarning said...

Haha! Thanks!! And isn't she just so squishable??? Its those cheeks..... :)

Frances said...

That cap has found its perfect model. I really love the "action shot" of Sabrina making a get away from her photo op.

Adorable. xo

wood & wool stool said...

oh she's so cute! time flies ;)

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